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There’s something about the perfect T-shirt − one that’s stylish, eco-friendly and comfortable − that just makes life seem a little bit brighter. Holstee, our recent partner, agrees.

Holstee is a lifestyle brand that expertly combines sustainability with functional and minimal design. When the founders began in 2009, they launched a line of shirts made of 100% recycled plastic bottles where 10% of all sales were donated to entrepreneurs in extreme poverty. This began their tradition of environmental awareness and corporate social responsibility and now, after much growth and success, Holstee’s offerings have come to include 100% organic cotton T-shirts, upcycled wallets, organic cotton bibs and more. They haven’t strayed from their killer design aesthetic or their dedication to giving back and this is apparent in their powerful manifesto:

An excerpt:

“This is your life.

Do what you love,

and do it often.”

So, in the spirit of Holstee creation, we bring you the “This Is Your Life” T-Shirt Design Contest, where you can unleash your creativity and embrace life. Please join us.

The Challenge:

Soon-to-be-designers: your challenge is to create a T-shirt design concept that combines the Holstee lifestyle and what’s meaningful to you. Take a look at their brand aesthetic and use it, but don’t lose your own point of view. Submit your T-shirt design in pictograph form, words, a drawing or video − however you feel best expresses the life of your design.

Here’s some inspiration advice from the Holstee team:

"Fads come and go, but simplicity and quality are timeless. We don't design based on the latest trends but rather focus on what will stand the test of time, not only in their material life but in their design aesthetic." 
- Dave Radparvar, Co-Founder & Head Designer

How to Enter:

1. Become a member of The Collective or login to your account.

2. Click “Submit Your Idea”

3. Draw your idea by clicking “Start drawing tool” OR upload your design by clicking “Attachments.”

4. Include a title and brief description of your design.

5. Vote! Vote for your other favorites and encourage your family and friends to login into The Collective and "like" your idea.

Who Wins What?:

There will be two (2) winners!

1. The Holstee Grand Prize Winner: The Holstee team will review all submissions and select their favorite design. Whoever wins will receive a $250 gift card to and a special “thank you” from the Holstee team. They will also receive 500 points in The Collective.

2. The People’s Choice Winner: The participant whose design receives the most votes will win a Holstee T-shirt of their choice and a poster of the Holstee Manifesto. They will also receive 200 points in The Collective.

Good luck and may the creativity be with you.

  • Deadline has been reached
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